Penn Bracelet

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316L Stainless Steel with 18k gold PVD treatment.

Width 8cm

Thickness 5mm

One size

Inner diameter 5.8 x 4.5cm

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Penn Sculptural Portable Art Bracelet


The Penn Bracelet, a sculptural masterpiece of wearable art, takes its name and inspiration from New York’s bustling train station, Penn Station, the abbreviated symbol of Pennsylvania Station.

Design and Concept:

The design fuses the organic and the geometric, recreating the architectural structure of the entrance to a subway tunnel. This visual representation becomes a portal to another world, evoking the exciting sensation of crossing thresholds and discovering new realities.

Urban Reflection:

The reference to the metro tunnel invites us to reflect on the connection between people in the urban environment. Despite the diversity and multitude of the city, the Penn Bracelet symbolizes the interconnection between individuals, a convergence of different backgrounds and lifestyles in the same place.

Coexistence and Celebration:

Each line and curve of the sculpture celebrates coexistence in an urban environment, where differences merge harmoniously. It is a visual reminder of the diversity that defines our daily lives and the strength that comes from interconnection.

Past, present and future:

The Penn Bracelet represents the connection between the past and the future, the transition between chaos and calm, capturing the constant flow of daily life. Its stainless steel construction symbolizes strength, durability and the ability to withstand the passage of time, just like the iconic subway station.

Elegance and Modernity:

Stainless steel not only enhances the sculptural design, but also adds a touch of elegance and modernity. It reflects the brightness and dynamism found in a subway station, encapsulating the vibrant energy of urban life.

A Testimony of Stories:

Like the subway station itself, the Penn Bracelet has witnessed decades of stories and moments in the lives of its wearers. Every time it is worn, it becomes a bearer of experiences, a piece that attests to the rich tapestry of urban life.

Timeless Elegance:

The Penn Bracelet, with its ease of use and timeless style, becomes an essential piece for those who want to express their love for city life in an elegant and sophisticated way. A symbol of connection, coexistence and the eternal elegance of the urban experience.

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