Esagonuus Bracelet

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316L Stainless Steel with 18k gold PVD treatment.

Width 7mm

Thickness 5mm

One size 5.8 x 4.5 cm

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Although one of its sides is invisible, the Esagono bracelet draws an irregular hexagon. Forming a polygon with six sides and six vertices, with its sides of different measurements.

Inspired by “The Giant’s Causeway” in Northern Ireland, peculiar for its hexagonal shapes.

The strange and amazing thing is how these manifestations of nature occur. Reading several articles I found his explanation in which he said that lava contracts and cracks when it cools. As the lava continues to cool and contract and the cracks begin to penetrate the mass collectively, a greater release of energy is generated, generating 120º intersections, thus designing those wonderful hexagons, something truly incredible.

The message that the Esagono bracelet wants to give is that we are energy in constant movement, and as such, we must let our energy flow naturally. Free from any blockage, only then will we give shape to what we really want, because “if you flow, you have everything.”

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