Dune Earrings

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316L Stainless Steel with 18k gold PVD treatment.

Width 1.70 cm (Wider part)

Length 9cm

Earring thickness 1.5 mm – Ear stick thickness 1 mm

Weight 0.10 gr each piece

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Style:The Duna Earrings fuse modern elegance with natural inspiration. Its geometric and flat design, structured with semi-straight lines of sinuous volume, invites you to immerse yourself in a unique style experience. They are not just accessories, they are the key to transforming your look. With Duna Earrings, every day is an opportunity to dazzle with an unmistakable aesthetic. Get these earrings and discover the magic of feeling empowered, elegant and completely authentic! Elevate your style to new heights with Duna Earrings.Description:Made from high-quality stainless steel, Duna Earrings are an expression of durable and comfortable style. Its design, inspired by dunes, creates a dynamic structure that plays with light. Lightweight and versatile, these earrings are the perfect addition to enhance any outfit.Design and concept:

Biomimicry guides the design, imitating the natural perfection of the dunes. This approach seeks not only to adorn, but to inspire a deeper connection with nature. Duna Earrings are a constant reminder to appreciate, care for and learn from the beauty that surrounds us.

Inspiration and message:

With each pair of Duna Earrings, you carry with you more than an accessory. It is a call to experience transformation in your personal style, to feel empowered and dazzling on every occasion. Boost your confidence as you enjoy the timeless elegance of this unique design. Join the evolution of conscious fashion with Duna Earrings and discover the most radiant version of yourself!

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