Iceberg Bracelet

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316L Stainless Steel with 18k gold PVD treatment.

Width 7cm

Thickness 1mm

Adjustable to any wrist

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Its shape designs an island of ice, creating patterns of geometric lines that emulate huge chunks of ice with pointed needles and domes.

Inspired by Icebergs, they are authentic sculptures made by nature itself. Its particular silhouette in which barely an eighth of its total volume protrudes, while the rest is submerged, alludes to the iceberg theory.

And sometimes the reality that surrounds us is reduced only to that small conscious part that stands out, which simply leads us to live our day to day, to make decisions,… Without thinking that we are what we think and we do not realize Sometimes we realize it, we don’t even remember our subconscious part. Our thoughts, beliefs, memories, experiences, experiences are stored in it… And, although we cannot control it completely, we can program it, shape it, desire, have purposes…

And you, are you already what you wanted to be?

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