Perception Ring


Experience a style transformation with the Perception ring: more than a jewel, it is your statement of authenticity and exclusivity. Carry with you the perfect fusion between elegance, contemporaneity and modern art.

316L Stainless Steel with 18k gold PVD treatment.

Length 4.40 cm

Width 2.40 cm (the widest part)

Thickness 3mm

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Style: Discover your unique style and embrace personal transformation with the Perception ring: a fusion of elegance and contemporaneity that not only complements your look, but also represents a connection with modern art, offering you authenticity and exclusivity in every detail.

Description: The Perception ring stands out for its unique shape and modern sculptural expression, precisely modeled in stainless steel. Inspired by the iconic silhouette of a spectacle lens, it features soft, curved lines that convey elegance and contemporaneity. The central part simulates the convex shape of a lens, achieving a minimalist design that reflects the essence of visual perception. Fluid and precise curves, along with intricate details, create a fusion of shapes and textures, highlighting the duality between reality and imagination.

Design and Concept: This ring represents the reinterpretation of the shape of a spectacle lens, underscoring the importance of being aware of our perspectives and how they influence our understanding of reality. Inspired by surrealism, it invites us to be open to different points of view, recognizing the uniqueness of each person when seeing the world. The concept suggests that reality can be transformed through imagination, acting as a filter for our perception and encouraging reflection on our own personal glasses.

Inspiration and Message: Inspired by surrealism, the Perception ring invites us to be receptive to diverse perspectives, remembering the influence of our personal glasses on understanding the world. It encourages us to question and challenge our perceptions, seeking a broader and enriching vision of the environment that surrounds us.


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